Interactive Design & Development

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Startup App - Animation Promo
Falkor Flight Simulator VR
DesktopTanks AR Multiplayer Office Game
VR Leap Motion Demos: Cinema & Planetarium
HOLOTRIP: Rebirth in VR
"Story Of My Life" - Short animated film (2:57)
The Workshop / HaSadna [App]
Elections 2015 (Israel) - Encouragement clip
If I had wings...
"Shabbat Hayom" Mobile Game
PhotoSpot App
Darth Vacuum - CG Animated Short Film
CATACOMB Band - Comic Book
495 - American Diner Branding
AAA! Horror Festival
"Screw It! Gone to Nature" Mobile Game
Dogecoin emblem Redesign
Tim Burton's Poetry - Visual interpretation
Tribute to Saul Bass - Die Hard opening
Logo Build Up
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